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Benefits of Registering a Company in India?

India has a substantial number of new businesses mushrooming immensely step by step and has the third biggest number of start-up on the planet. This will affect the socio-financial matters of the start up eco framework in this way making bigger quantities of chances for new companies.

Sadly, India has the second most noteworthy number of unregistered organizations. In any case, enrolling your business will get a ton of advantages. Setting up an organization can be a moderately simple and calm experience that offers more noteworthy legitimate insurance. By enlisting your organization, your business can start to work adequately and consent to Indian law.

You can confine your own risk

Maintaining a business includes more hazard in it that implies you just legitimately in charge of all parts of your business, including any obligations and misfortunes. Holding constrained obligation assurance would guarantee that the business visionary can go out on a limb without the dread of losing his/her own benefits or funds. One of the greatest preferred standpoint of an enlisted business (private restricted organization or constrained obligation association (LLP) or one individual organization) is that it gives restricted risk security to its individuals.

Simple to Exit

In enrolled business element like organization or LLP, the business is viewed as a different legitimate element with resources and liabilities that are discrete from its advertisers. Subsequently, exchanging or sharing the responsibility for enlisted business is simple. Then again, ownership’s can not be exchanged as they are an augmentation of the owner.

Raise noteworthy capital for your business

As an organization, your capacity to draw in financial specialists and fund-raise for your business will be less demanding. Enlisting your organization enables you to acquire and get obligation however more significantly, sell offers and raise value capital. As most banks and budgetary foundations like to loan to enrolled business substances. Subsequently, it is profoundly prescribed to enroll a business if there are plans for raising obligation or value assets for the sake of the business.

Upgrade your image picture and improve the associations with your clients and providers

Enrolling an organization is imperative for any future dealings with outsiders, Most huge organizations that have a provider determination criteria, will in general like to work with an enlisted business substance than an unregistered business entity.With the gatherings going into a concurrence with the organization rather than the proprietors.

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ISO Certification in Mumbai

What Are 10 Reasons Why You Need ISO 9001 Certification?

When we talk about helping organizations acquire ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, individuals frequently ask us, “For what reason does our organization should be ISO 9001 confirmed?” Good inquiry. ISO 9001 is the quality administration framework (QMS) standard and it delivers various advantages for any organization willing to go that course. All in all, for what reason should your association acquire ISO 9001 affirmation?Envizi Business Solutions offers ISO certification in Mumbai.

ISO 9001 Certification

Getting to be ISO 9001 confirmed intends to pass a physical ISO 9001:2015 accreditation review by a recorder (an affirming office).

  1. Meet Customer Requirements

Numerous organizations need ISO 9001 accreditation just to fulfil one client prerequisite. The client expresses that it will just work with sellers that are affirmed as ISO 9001 consistent, so to get (or keep) the business they need that confirmation. The issue with these organizations is that they’re searching for a momentary result. They don’t see anything however that one advantage — we need cash — and disregard the long haul benefits, as “in the event that we keep the client very much fulfilled, they will need to return over and over”.

They don’t grasp the idea of value through consistent enhancement. They don’t comprehend that proceeded with consumer loyalty is a definitive objective of a QMS. As such, these organizations haven’t “got tied up with the program”. It couldn’t be any more obvious, you may get a bit of paper (that ISO endorsement) that claims ISO 9001 confirmation without seeing much genuine quality or enhancement. Concentrating just on that one advantage — your prompt addition — without putting the client in front will finish up costing you substantially more over the long haul. Ideally, a portion of the quality administration framework thoughts may rub off and in the end stick… yet wouldn’t you preferably have an arrangement over trust to good fortune?

  1. Get More Revenue and Business from New Customers

When you gain your ISO 9001 affirmation, you can promote your quality confirmation and react to demands for statements (RFQ) from organizations that make ISO 9001 accreditation an “unquestionable requirement have”. ISO 9001 affirmation can open up new markets you were for all intents and purposes powerless to work with before your accreditation.

  1. Enhance Company and Product Quality

A quality administration framework standard is about quality (truly!) along these lines, obviously, one consequence of receiving a QMS should be an enhanced dimension of value for the whole association — each procedure, and each item. There are numerous meanings of “value”, yet Philip Crosby and Joseph Juran give two of the best. Crosby characterized it as “conformance to necessities”; Juran called it “qualification for use”. An all-around structured, viably executed ISO 9001 Quality Management System will put your organization on the Road to Quality.

  1. Increment Customer Satisfaction with your Products

Quality methods whatever you produce will function as your clients anticipate. You will meet not just their expressed necessities — you will meet a greater amount of their inferred prerequisites, as well. Quality additionally implies far less protests and completing a superior occupation of settling those you do. On the off chance that your quality administration framework is working accurately, you should recognize what your clients expect and you ought to give it, bringing about expanded consumer loyalty.

  1. Depict, Understand, and Communicate Your Company Processes

The ISO 9001 QMS standard necessitates that you distinguish and portray your procedures utilizing business measurements, the motivation behind which is to all the more likely oversee and control your business forms. Quality goals structure the focal point of your framework. Measurements are utilized to comprehend and convey your framework’s execution in respect to your quality goals. In the event that you make a fair endeavour to fit in with the prerequisites of getting ISO 9001 confirmation, you’ll get familiar with your business.

  1. Build up a Professional Culture and Better Employee Morale

Executing an ISO 9001 Quality Management System can engage representatives. Your QMS will give them clear desires (quality destinations and sets of expectations), the apparatuses to carry out their responsibility (systems and work directions), and brief, noteworthy criticism on their execution (process measurements). The outcome? An enhanced organization culture and an increasingly proficient staff!

  1. Enhance the Consistency of Your Operations

What is consistency? All things considered, one approach to consider it is “diminished variety”. Decreasing the variety in your procedures is the meaning of consistency. Is your client better served by you providing them with a reliable item — same measurements, same weight, same resilience’s, same yield each time — or by your items being eccentric and “everywhere”? (I trust you’re not thinking excessively hard on this.)

Obviously, they won’t acknowledge variety, and neither should you! What’s more, how would you decline variety? Increment control of your procedures! Control originates from having an unmistakable focus to shoot for (objective), gathering information on the procedure (measurements), and seeing how to change the procedure (techniques and work guidelines) to keep up the objective yield. In the event that your ISO 9001 QMS is working, you ought to expand operational… and item… consistency.

  1. Centre Management and Employees iso 9001 affirmation

We’ve talked about quality targets, measurements, and strategies utilized inside an ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Having the correct targets, measurements, and techniques, the board and workers ought to almost certainly centre better around what’s imperative. However, this isn’t generally the situation — it’s anything but difficult to lose centre over some stretch of time.

The ISO 9001 QMS has an approach to guarantee the organization remains centred, and that is quality examining. Inner reviews, enrolment (and reconnaissance) reviews, and self-process reviews. ISO 9001 affirmation necessitates that the organization occasionally review its quality procedures. Normal procedure reviews and as-required reviews, when done effectively, give the target criticism expected to address any deviations from the quality way and stay with the concentrated on its objectives.

  1. Enhance Efficiency, Reduce Waste, and Save Money

An ISO 9001 Quality Management System isn’t impeccable; no procedure and nobody is flawless. (For what other reason would the standard give a statement to “consistent enhancement”?) A well-run QMS enables your organization to approach flawlessness. As your procedures enhance, turn out to be increasingly reliable, and you accomplish your objective goals with more noteworthy normality, you will see unmistakable outcomes. Your procedure waste will diminish, for one.

Squander is cash lost until the end of time. Squander results from low quality and wastefulness. Wastefulness results from variety and conflicting procedures. Lessen variety, enhance consistency, and you’ll have not so much waste… but rather more cash. It’s that straightforward!

  1. Accomplish International Quality Recognition

ISO 9001 is an overall standard directed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), situated in Switzerland. ISO 9001 is right now being used by more than one million associations around the globe! It is genuinely an overall standard for quality! Getting ISO 9001 confirmation puts your organization in a select gathering.

What Can You Do with This Certification?

You can utilize the way that your organization is ISO 9001:2015 guaranteed in your showcasing. Your administration framework and its procedures have been affirmed to ISO 9001 so you would like to discuss your effective enlistment to ISO 9001 similarly as long as you don’t propose that your items are confirmed or that you are ensured by ISO, which is the thing that ISO guaranteed infers.

What wouldn’t you be able to do?

1.You can’t utilize or change ISO’s logo… it is ISO’s image and licensed innovation.

2.You can’t state ISO 9001 or ISO affirmed… You should explain it. We are ISO 9001:2013 affirmed; we are not ensured by ISO or by ISO 9001.

3.ISO 9001:2015 can’t be recorded on your items or utilized in writing to suggest item confirmation… It’s not an item accreditation it’s an organization affirmation.

4.You should be cautious with your extension portrayal so it legitimately delineates your ensured exercises and geographic areas.

Envizi Business Solutions LLP is a professional ISO Certification Consultants in Mumbai, offering ISO 9001 Certification services in Mumbai.


Company Registration in Mumbai

Income tax slabs 2019-20: Income tax limit raised to Rs 5 lakh

Individuals with gross income up to Rs 6.5 lakh will not need to pay any tax if they make investments in provident funds and prescribed equities that are tax-saving schemes, while it may move up further with additional avenues like NPS, medical insurance and home loan interest payment, the finance minister said.

Around three crore middle class taxpayers will get tax exemption due to this measure, Goyal stated while presenting the Budget proposals.


Proposed Income tax changes in Budget 2019

*Tax on Notional rent on second house property removed


*Basic tax exemption increased to 5 lakhs


*Salary standard deduction increased to 50k from 40k


*TDS threshold for rent 240000 from 180000


*Post office, bank, postal interest TDS exemption increased to 40k from 10k


*Capital gains up to 2 crores can be invested in 2 house property to take exemption. This can be done once in a lifetime.


*80IB housing scheme exemption extended by one more year up to 2020


*Unsold inventory of real estate – tax on notional rent will be payable after 2 years as against 1 year


Finance Budget – 2019

– Tax Slab on Individual Taxpayer has extended to 5 Lakhs. No Tax up to Rs. 5 Lakhs

– Standard Deduction to Salaried Employees has extended from 40,000 to 50,000.

– No Notional Rent up to two self-occupied house property.

– Threshold Limit on TDS on Bank and Post Office Interest has extended from 10,000 to 40,000.

– Threshold Limit on TDS on Rent has extended from 1,80, 000 to 2,40,000.

– Now Two Residential Property can purchase against capital gain on sale of property up to 2 Crore.

– Benefit of 80IBA has extended up to 31st March 2020.

– Real Estate Sector has now need not to pay tax on Notional Rent on unsold property up to 2 years. (Limit of 1 Year has extended to 2 years).

Private Limited Company Registration in Mumbai


Being an entrepreneur is no easy task, yet there is a common perception that starting a business is very rewarding.
The most difficult part is overcoming the comfort of a job and taking the first step towards entrepreneurship. Many people have business ideas that remain only on paper. Still, others dream of becoming businessmen but have no idea how and where to start.

Here are some fundamental steps you need to take for starting a business:

1. Ask yourself what are you good at? Don’t think about what you would like to do but what are you good at now? Do people like selling skills? Are you a really great stock adviser? Do you have an out of the box ecommerce idea? Start thinking on what talents you possess. Your talents can turn into marketable skills that customers will pay for.

2. Do you have funds for your business? Some ideas start selling instantaneously while others will require you to approach professional investors. Don’t be stifled by having a small amount of funds or not having any investment at all. You can save money by managing funds well. Try to keep your funds focussed on your core function. Explore outsourcing non-core work like graphic design or social media so you don’t have to invest time & money in recruiting and training.

3. For those of you who have always dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur but don’t know whether you are good at anything; you can still achieve your ambition. Everyone has or can evolves an expert skill set, you just haven’t identified yours yet. Think about things that you like doing or have done in the past. Consider starting a home based business that offers these products or services. Network marketing is also an option. With a small investment, usually less than Rs. 25000, you can have a ready-made business and become profitable in days. Direct sales can be the best way to start a business until you discover more talents and new avenues open up.

Becoming an entrepreneur is not a journey for the faint hearted. It all starts with an idea, just like anything else. Figure out what you are good at and focus on converting it into a business. Starting a business requires some kind of investment, be it time or money. If you want to start from home, explore content writing or freelance social media marketing.

Once you start earning good money as a freelancer, complete the formal requirements of starting a business by legally registering a company.

Copyright Registration in Mumbai


The Need for Copyright Registration:

There are thousands of artists, writers, musicians and the like who create original art pieces that are genuine and reflect real talent. A true work of art is quickly appreciated. There is another crop of artists who do have a sense of appreciation and understanding but lack talent. They are good at imitation but they cannot create something of their own. When art is created in all parts of the world massively, and moves around, it is bound to fall into the hands of amateurs, budding artists and lesser artists. Quite often, they are tempted to copy or imitate the creations of others and claim that it is their own work. This tendency is on the increase in proportion with the growing materialism in the world, a commercial attitude and technology supported easy and quick means of communication. Old masters were self-motivated, honest, inspired and hard-working. The present life-style seems to have exhausted creativity in human kind; a kind of lethargy is observed in struggling artists and people avoid efforts and hard work. As a result, art works stand the greatest risk of being imitated. This is injustice to the original creators who deserve credit for intellectual property as it is referred to. This makes protection of intellectual property mandatory in current times. Surely, no one would be happy to see his work going around and highly praised as someone else’s creation!!

What is copyright registration?

Copyright is a right given by the law to creators of literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works and producers of cinematograph films and sound recordings. Copyright protects and rewards creativity. Copyright means legal registration of a work of art, stamping it as the original creation of a particular individual. Once it is registered as such, the individual can file a suit in the court against anybody else publishes or relays it in his/her name. In short, copyright is registration of a work of art with the government, as a record of someone’s original creation.

What is included in intellectual property?

  • Literary works
    • Books, newspapers journals
    • Music
    • Audio and video cassettes
    • Songs and lyrics
    • Designs created by artists
    • Architecture designs
    • Drama
    • Sound recordings
    • Cinematograph films
    • Computer software
    • Websites
    • Computer programmes
    • Tables and compilations

The entire above mentioned are artistic creations and copyright can be obtained to protect them from being stolen or imitated. Of course, there are slight variations in the composition of rights depending on the kind of work. For example, nobody can translate a work of fiction from one language to another without the author’s permission. There is no question of translation regarding an architectural design. An architectural design cannot be imitated unrightfully.

The basic rights

  1. Reproduction right – it allows the creator the right to copy, duplicate, transcribe or imitate the work of art.
    2. Modification right – A creator can modify or make changes in the original work created by him, perhaps transforming it into a new work of art.
    3. Distribution right – the creator can publish, sell, lend or rent out his work of art. He can distribute any number of copies to the public.
    4. Performance right – the creator has the exclusive right to give a performance of his play, a dance show, an audio-visual performance in public.

Why should you apply for copyright?

  • Creativity leads to progress. Society could not have made progress without creativity. If it is appreciated, recognized and encouraged, artists are motivated to create new things.
    • Not only cultural, but economic and social development of a country depends upon creativity.
    • The provision to protect creativity creates an atmosphere conducive to creativity.
    • Copyright includes a bundle of rights including rights of reproduction, communication to the public, adaptation and translation of work.
    • Copyright helps creators to yield income and receive pecuniary rewards.
    • Copyright rights are exclusive, that is the creator alone has the right to make public, adapt, translate the work of art.
    • A great deal of profit of a nation comes from intellectual property. The artist earns money and so does the government.
    • If the creator has copyrighted a work, then the creator can prosecute anyone who uses the material without permission. “A copyright owner can recover actual or, in some cases, statutory damages from an infringer. In addition, courts have the power to issue orders to prevent or restrain copyright infringement and to order the impoundment and destruction of infringing copies.

The process of getting copyright registration

The process of getting copyright is extremely simple. Copyright is acquired the moment a work of art is created; no formality is essential for acquiring copyright. However, a certificate of registration has to be acquired as evidence in a court of law, in case there is a dispute regarding its ownership.
1. Filling the application form
2. A separate application form has to be filled for each work of art
3. Payment of requisite fees along with the application form. The fee is to be paid the form of postal order or demand draft.
4. The application must be signed by the applicant. Any individual has the right to apply. Sometimes, an advocate is given the power of attorney in which case the advocate will sign the application. Documents assigning the power of attorney to the advocate and the acceptance of the latter must be attached to the application.
5. The copyright form can be filed and submitted at the copyright office or online.

Just as physical property has to be protected from thieves, intellectual property can also be stolen and has to be protected. It is difficult to steal physical property because it is tangible. It is easy to steal intellectual property which is intangible. Physical property can be guarded by installing security systems and alarms; this is not possible in case of intellectual property.

It is advisable to get copyright registration and protect your intellectual property. Safeguard your creations and earn name, fame and money. You deserve credit and appreciation for your talents.

Contact envizi solutions, based in Pune, India and get copyright registration NOW.



COMPARISON For Quick Reference
Indicators Pvt Ltd OPC LLP
Requirement 2 Directors 1 Director and 1 Nominee 2 Designated Partners
Authorized Capital Not required Not required Not required
Department Registrar of Companies ( MCA) Registrar of Companies ( MCA) Registrar of Companies ( MCA)
Popularity Most Popular Less Popular Medium Popular
Tax Policy 30% 30% 30%
Investment Friendly Most Preferred Not Preferred Preferred
ROC Compliance High Low Low
Conversion Can be converted from PVT to LLP Can be converted after 2 years Cannot be converted from LLP to  Pvt Ltd
NRI or Foreign Investment Friendly YES NO NO
Process Time 15 to 20 days 15 to 20  days 20 to 25 days
Most Preferred among  Entrepreneurs High Low Medium
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